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We Talk IT Key Numbers

After serving more than 1500 clients worldwide, the Company has covered almost each and every sector of IT services, gathering all kinds of our client’s requirement.

Country of Origin

Over 14 years’ experience in IT development

Our development team is fully qualified where project managers and team leaders has a minimum of five years commercial experience in working with international clients. We hold all the necessary certifications such as Microsoft, Google partner, Agile Alliance, and many more. In addition, our project managers are certified from Project Management Institute (PMI).

Skilled manpower, expensive programs & equipment, and timely completion of projects are some of the major requirements for an ideal software development. We strive to accomplish all these requisites and make sure that any external factors don’t influence the work of our team members so that our clients can get the maximum benefits of the whole business model we have built.

750+ IT Professionals dedicated Team at Workplace

We operate in a completely unique way. All of our staff members (750+) are highly motivated towards work and have passed through our rigorous training programs. Our experts are trained in specific technologies and their comprehensive communication and understanding skills, take them a step further. They not only provide best solutions, but can converse effectively with clients.

We operate as a cross functional team and a matrix organisation where every technology group supports each other,hence we can pool our resources across multiple technologies to provide a complete development service. Our tried and tested processes ensure a smooth development from project initiation to delivery and support.

1500+ Clients Worldwide

Our clientele list covers entire globe and our team has many years of extensive experience in web development field. They have successfully delivered 2000 website/desktop applications so far and have worked for more than 1500 clients all around the globe.

In order to keep our clients informed through steady communication with the dedicated developers, we use an online project management tool, which makes the process of engagement simpler and easier. In addition, telephone, Skype, MSN and emails are also used as communication tools. We organize professional meetings using WebEx, GoToMeetings and Lync.

7500+ Projects Executed

We have been at the fore front of providing web development solutions to a wide variety of industry projects. Our experts have a track record of working over 7500 projects.

The projects we deliver tend to improve profitability across all distribution channels and ensure effective management of revenue and occupancy yield.

Interesting facts

Our team is international and multicultural with more than 5 nationalities represented, which enables us to adapt ourselves to local cultures and customs.

We Talk IT ensures that it successfully plays a role of an equal opportunity employer and its non-discriminatory reasons are the foundation of its employment practices.

We focus on helping our clients to grow their business in a sustainable and profitable way.

We strive to deliver best results for your business and work with focused goals in order to support you and your organisation in a proper way. We understand your business needs and try to get exactly what you want. As a professional development partner, we focus on planning, project administration, coordination between multiple stakeholders and developers, and high quality technical execution of your Project Requirement.

Responsibility is not just a simple word written in our values. It is the key leading force behind our everyday actions. We aim to exceed expectations of our clients and ensure the solutions agreed are implemented in practice. Our clients can trust that if they share their business development strategy with us, we stay true to our word, deliver what we promised in time and as planned and agreed together. Our promises are built on our long-term expertise, professionalism, experienced staff and the highest standards of service.

We’re proud to be a trusted partner to thousands of small and medium businesses worldwide. We employ our decades of global leadership experience specifically in addressing the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Latest Events

At We Talk IT, events are held on a regular basis, which are focused on the professional and personal development of our team. From technological to cultural, We Talk IT is a place where events are held with zeal of enthusiasm and learning. Check out some of our latest events below.

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