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Make a HTML5 Game

Lets start from total zero. What is HTML5 that's a tricky question. There is a official definition of HTML5, which simply stands for the latest revision of HTML (the markup language used all over the world to build websites), and the more hyped definition (what most people understand when HTML5 is mentioned) which is all the “new” features of the web technologies that have come out in the last few years (JavaScript API’s like the Canvas or WebAudio, semantic HTML tags, etc).

For our purpose well use bits of the two. HTML5 is HTML in its latest version, which includes a whole bunch of cool features that make the web technologies an open standard with endless possibilities combining HTML,CSS and JavaScript.


  • Cross Platform

    At present, major operating systems and modern web browsers support HTML5. So users can access HTML5 games seamlessly on a variety of devices regardless of the operating system.

  • Easy To Maintain And Update

    The single code base makes it easier for developers to maintain and update the HTML5 games. They can simply make changes to the game, and make the new features available to each user almost instantaneously.

  • Create Both 2D And 3D Games

    The developers can develop both 2D and 3D games with HTML5. HTML5 makes it easier for developers to build 2D games using audio, visuals, fluid animation and other multimedia elements.

  • Play The Game Offline And Online

    HTML5 enables developers to create applications and game that can be accessed by users without internet connectivity. The programmers can take advantage of the Cache Manifest technique to capture relevant information related to users and sessions locally.


No Need to Use Additional Plug-ins or Extensions

Use Full Stack Web Technologies

Create Multi-Player Games

Use Many HTML5 Game Engines and Frameworks

Get Higher Returns

Multiple Distribution Options