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Resolving all the challenges and opportunities created by the dynamic environment


Media and Publishing

WeTalk IT works with various publishing and media organisations to help them succeed in the digital revolution, taking advantage of enabling technology and infrastructures to adopt highly competitive and flexible business models.

Our advanced system helps customer gain valuable insights by enabling optimization of various business processes.

Here at Wetalkit, we have a wide range of expertise in web and mobile solutions both, backed with necessary skills and knowledge to increase your presence on the web. The success of media and publishing depends on several strategic imperatives, hence need to focus on:

Media & Publishing is a challenging field which requires regular audience attraction and interaction. Here at We Talk IT, our experts can handle all aspects of media and publishing development, ensuring adherence to quality standards.


Revenue Generation

  • Revenue/subscriber maximization
  • Content monetization
  • Advertising revenue optimization
  • Market consolidation

Customer Experience

  • Customization to Individual users' needs
  • Fast collaboration and feedback
  • Consistent multi-channel experience
  • Results as per clients expectations

Cost Reduction

  • Reduced time to market
  • Cheaper online product provisioning
  • Automation
  • Faster/easier content creation

Services we provide at We Talk IT

  • Comprehensive solutions designed specifically for the processes that maintain a competitive edge in the industry

  • Solutions that allow eBook publishing in multiple formats on multiple devices and platforms

  • Custom content and a consistent customer experience in any format, on any device - including smart phones and e-readers

  • We make your website more social, interactive and user-friendly, so they become preferred destinations for customers

  • Analyzation of site traffic and optimization of e-commerce and online ads to enhance the revenue potential