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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development

We develop and customise Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for businesses looking to extend the scope, functionality and their expertise in their current business process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has lots of capacities to manage and process the generalised business needs, but at some areas we need to extend the features and automation to simplify the process and increase the user friendliness.

Here at We Talk IT, We develop such automation processes and tool which simplify complex business processes and enhance the user experience.


CRM Customisation

We have developed custom CRM solution such as workflows, plug-ins, customised dialogs and integration of JavaScript libraries to further extend the capabilities of Dynamics CRM.

Share Point Integration

We can work on most of the aspects of Dynamics CRM such as SharePoint integration, integration of Dynamics CRM with public facing websites, capturing data from outside of CRM and CRM form customisations using JavaScript libraries to name a few.

Web API Integration

We can integrate Active Directory authentication with CRM web API. We have vast experience in oData queries and REST API.

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  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Plug-In registration tools
  • Web Resource Managers
  • XRM tools
  • C# as native language for plug-ins, custom workflows
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Libraries
  • Client-side JavaScript
  • Ribbon customization


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Our Services

Integration with SharePoint

We have expertise in implementing the server-to- server integration of SharePoint. We also have experience in customising the SharePoint website via CAML, and retrieving the SharePoint data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Use of OData end point

Web API is introduced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM where an online or on-premises JavaScript is used to perform operations on Microsoft Dynamics CRM like in HTML web resources, form scripts, or ribbon commands.

LINQ programming API in the SDK

LINQ is used to write queries in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (and on-premises). The OrganisationServiceContext class contains an underlying LINQ query provider, which translates LINQ queries from Microsoft Visual C# into the query API that is used by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Use of WCF services with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have expertise in building a WCF service that connects to Microsoft Dynamics CRM using developer extensions. In addition, it retrieves data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and also performs other DML operations on it.

Global Option-set

Global option sets can be reused with any entities together with any “option set” field type. This is why they are very useful for developing MS CRM based practices in system architecture.

Packaged customisation as solutions

We have a good experience in creating the custom packages using the visual studio and also in importing those packages as solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In addition, we have also expertise in exporting the customization from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This feature can be used to backup of all the customization with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

CRM Online supports plugins in sandboxed/ isolated mode

We have worked on the plugins and custom workflow in an isolated environment by using customised directories in sandboxed mode.

Multiple forms per entity

Designing and creating multiple forms for a single entity.

Email templates for custom entities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides email templates for its own build in entities. We have used the email templates for custom entities as well.

Custom portal and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have a good knowledge on getting and saving the data on Microsoft Dynamics CRM through custom portal.

Dashboard designer

Dashboard design and customization helps in tracking the client’s data via chart etc. in dashboard.

24 X 7 support

We provide 24 X 7 support if requirement arise.

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