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Travel Industry Website Development & Technology Solutions

Travel Portal development Solutions for start-ups or established travel organisations, agencies, operators & wholesalers



Here at We Talk IT we are a travel website development company and our specialists have worked with several leaders within the travel industry over the last 14 years. We provide travel technology solutions that are fully customised for property management systems, flight reservations, hotel registration, booking portals, travel shopping engines and timeshare holiday systems. We use a strategic methodology when it comes to software development and we utilise 4 key steps to tailor make these solutions to your requirements.

  • Source

    Travel web design data will be sourced directly from an Application Programming Interface (API) or database, where we can integrate and manage your inventory.

  • Design

    We gather all the requirements and create a travel development software design using the latest technology.

  • Control

    We also provide online travel technology solutions to control the website content and manage the website data dynamically, which means anyone can update the CMS content and website data in future.

  • Support

    Travel websites need constant updating, which means they will require regular maintenance. We provide support on a regular basis and also suggest latest industry standard features for updating the website time to time.

We are experts in providing technology solutions for the travel industry

Our web specialists have worked with several leaders in the travel industry over the years. We provide fully customised travel website development, travel software development solutions for property management systems, flight bookings, hotel reservations, travel portal development for travel shopping engines and timeshare holiday systems.

  • Tailored

    Every business is unique and needs a tailored software system to serve its specific needs. We provide all kinds of API integration in the most customised manner.

  • API/Feed Integration

    We have sufficient expertise in popular travel development APIs and data feeds for all kind of travel products, like: Sabre, Multicom, Amadus, Bookings.com, TravelTek, TopDog, Holiday Taxi etc.

  • B2B

    We can develop APIs and data feeds, which can be used to serve data to other businesses, like feeds for flight, accommodation, transfers etc. These feeds can be consumed by other businesses to serve the end users i.e. travellers.

  • Accommodation

    We can integrate all kinds of accommodation data APIs to your online booking system. Alternatively, you can display all the accommodation deals from APIs or from back end to generate leads or bookings on your website.

  • Deposit

    Your customers can book a trip by paying a part of the actual booking amount in advance (deposit). They can then pay the remaining amount anytime on or before they go on their travels.

  • Markup

    A Mark-up system allows you to add your margins to the price that you may get from your API supplier. You can change the amount/percentage of mark-up from the back end in few easy steps whenever required. The mark-up system can be developed to cater your specific needs.

  • Booking

    We will provide you with an area within the back end of your system where you can view and edit information from bookings through your website. You can even book and take payments on behalf of your customers in case something goes wrong in the process.

  • Reporting

    You will have an extensive reporting feature in the back end to see what is being booked, like popular destinations, flight operators, hotels, price bands, peak months/days and many more.

Travel Areas We Cover


We are experts in integrating all kinds of flight data APIs including the flight extras (Meal, Baggage) with online bookings. We have integrated lots of flight APIs into our projects, like Mulitcome, Skyscanner, TopDog, TravelTek, Airscan, KwikHols, TTSS etc.


We can integrate all kind of hotel data feeds in your system including online booking features. We have experience in designing the growing hotel results with filtering features and integrated lots of hotel APIs, like Amadus (GDS), Booking.com, Hotelbeds, Medhotel, Hotelcombined, Galileo, TopDog, TravelTek, Roomlynx etc.


Enabling your customers to book a car to travel from one point to another at their holiday destination will be an added advantage. This will attract customers to book a complete holiday package from you. We have expertise to integrate most of the popular car hire APIs in your system to serve this purpose.

Airport Parking

Booking system to book car parking at airports, cover all types of parking like Meet and greet, On-airport, Off airport, Valet airport parking etc. We have already worked with leading suppliers like Holiday Extras, APH, Liverpool, Gatwick, MAG etc. and have helped them in achieving their business targets.


The transfer booking system allows your customers and agents to book car transfers. We have integrated a number of XML transfer providers (HolidayTaxi, Resorthoppa, A2Btransfer etc.) which offer you the ability to manage your own transfer’s inventory.


Offer your customers with travel insurance and guarantee peace of mind before thier travels. We'll make sure you get the best possible range of economy and premium travel insurance options available in market with leading insurance suppliers, like City bound Travel Insurance.

Airport Hotel

Airport Hotel booking allows your customers to book hotel right away from the airport. We have integrated a huge number of XML hotel providers (Holiday Extras) with booking solution.

Airport Lounges

Allow your customers to relax before they fly and implement a lounge booking system for them to cover all leading lounge supplier’s business structures. Some of leading suppliers are No 1 Traveller, Servisair Lounges, and Holiday Extras etc.

Manual Inventory Management

We also provide the solution to manage the inventory of hotels with better reporting features, which can calculate the profit and agent commission. There is also a calendar feature where you can check the booking availability.


Deciding between a tailor made solution and an off-the-self travel solution can be a tedious task, there may be benefits of choosing one over the other.

Tailor Made Solution

You have the full ownership of the final product including its source code and the knowledge acquired during the development.

It fits your business requirements and you will have full control over the source code.

You decide your custom features and functions

Your system is unique to you and not like any of the other competitors.

You have full control and can directly communicate with the development team to detail your requirements clearly.

You can decide the timeline and when you want to introduce new features and upgrades.

There is no user licensing fee.

There will be less chances of external threats as the solutions are built as per your requirements, which will prevent hackers from penetrating the system.

Off-the-shelf Solution

You will need to depend on the solution provider for all kinds of technical support.

You don’t have access to the source code of the system.

Functions of the system are decided by the vendor not by you.

You will not have any competitive advantage as lots of your competitors may be using the same system as yours.

You may need to change your way of working, as it may not fit your requirement in order to accommodate your system.

You may need to pay for frequent future upgrades, else your system will become obsolete.

You may need to purchase licenses for every user of the system.

As certain solutions are used by many businesses certain system architecture will be well known. This can encourage hackers who may be more than familiar with the structure of the system.