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My Medical Connections

Health and Medical Social Network

With an increasing number of new diseases discovered every day and medical conditions which put people in distress, we were in an urgent need of a social platform which help people gather as much information as they can and provide and an all new way to discuss, share and socialize with people facing similar medical conditions. This portal now serves as place where users can get connected with multiple users and share their stories, products, books, therapists, tips and announcements for their medical conditions. It is a searching platform through which users can search for medical conditions and get the relevant content for it. They can also create various groups according to their community and allow other users to share their experiences as well. This portal provides a unique functionality to get notified with the latest updates for numerous medical conditions.


  • Search for Medical Condition
  • Q & A Zone
  • Create Groups
  • Exchange your Stories
  • Share relevant information
  • Get alerts and notifications
  • Connect with users and build network

Customer Benefits

  • Users can search for multiple medical conditions and can obtain the related stuff in one place

  • Users can gather information of any medical condition very quickly and easily

  • Users can establish their network by connecting with multiple users

  • Users get notified instantly with the latest posts, content shared within any medical condition

  • Users can read the real time stories by other users showcasing their experiences for the diseases

  • Users can share their views and post their comment on respective medical condition

  • Users can get updates about events and seminars

  • Users can view the products and books and purchase them from the 3rd Party website